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Seven I AM statements of Jesus...

Hello friends, I'd love to take a few minutes to talk about the seven I am statements of Jesus and the claims surrounding those statements together. Let's just jump right in!

   Did Jesus actually claim to be the Son of God? Let's be honest here, how many times in your life has someone asked you this question? Probably not that many. I know I am not in the habit of walking around asking Did Jesus really say this or maybe it was really this. Now I bet the question why is she asking me this is in your mind. The answer is rather simple really, you see Jesus was/ is and always will be God's Son.

We are told this countless times throughout scripture, however can we prove that he indeed claimed to be God's Son? Let's look together at these statements to confirm as well as clarify the countless amounts of evidence found in scripture.

Throughout the New Testament you see that Jesus claims to be one with the Father. We also see the countless times he uses the phrase “I Am” which was in the Old Testament times  the description of God.  Not only does Jesus demonstrate his power and might throughout the scriptures, but he also forgives sins.

Something that only God can do, then in John 20 verse 28, Thomas addresses Jesus as “ My Lord and my God”. Jesus neither denies nor rebukes him for saying this, instead he gives Thomas affirmation that he was correct. Let’s take a look at the seven I am statements of Jesus.

Starting with number one- In John 6 :35, Jesus says I am the bread of life. Now what does he mean by this? Bread is a stable food that we as humans can survive a very long time on if that is all we have to eat. When Jesus said that he was the bread of life, he was telling us that he was and is all that we could ever need.

The second statement found in John8:12 says- I am the light of the world. We leave in a sinful, fallen world. Full of death and darkness, yet we find light amidst the darkness in Jesus. He is the beacon that we can follow to get us home when we are lost. Scientist  have no clue what light truly is however they do know a little about the effects of the sun, just not everything. What they do know for sure is that no plant, animal or human being can live without the sun’s light.


Now let’s look at statement number three- found in John 10 verse 9.Jesus said, I am the door. No matter where you are in the world the buildings around you always have an entrance and every entrance has a door. The kingdom of Heaven is no different, Jesus is the only way to enter the kingdom of heaven. The only way to see the Father is through the son.

Statement number four- Jesus said I am the true vine, found in John 15:1. Fruit will grow on a vine only if the vine was planted in good soil. When planted in the right soil the fruit will blossom and grow bigger and bigger. However when the vine in planted in thorn infested ground it will produce nothing but thorns. Our lives are much the same, when will allow Jesus to enter into our lives he gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will produce many fruits in our lives. Fruits of a different kind like- love, joy and peace just to name a few.

Now let’s take a look at statement number five – Jesus said I am the good shepherd, found in John chapter 10 verse 11. Sheep do not exist without a shepherd. Sheep need the shepherd to guide, feed and protect them. Without the shepherd the sheep would be eaten by an wild animal or lost. We are much like sheep, we wander around aimlessly in search of something we can never find on our own. Jesus like the good shepherd comes along and puts us in his protection and grace. He would have died on the cross even if it was just for one person who did not know the good shepherd. Death is an imminent thing, no matter if your rich or poor one day you will pass away.

Which brings us to the sixth I am statement of Jesus, found in John 11:25. Then Jesus said I am the Resurrection and the life.  Though we face death, Jesus offers us the gift of eternal life. In the New Testament we find a dear friend of Jesus that has passed away. Jesus is deeply saddened by this, when he arrives at the tomb of Lazarus he calls to his friend in the tomb and says come out, then out walks Lazarus. All who were present were amazed and asked him how could this happen, then Jesus replied to them I am the Resurrection and the life.

The seventh and final I am statement of Jesus found in John 14:6 says- I am the way, the truth and the life. There is only one way to get to the Father in Heaven and that is through Jesus Christ the one and only son of God. Jesus is one with God and God is the ultimate way, the physical embodiment of truth and the source of all life.

Jesus will forever be the one and only son of God the way, truth and the ultimate way to everlasting life. The many claims of Jesus throughout the scriptures have in one way or another pointed to the truth of Jesus being in fact the only son of the Living God.

The seven I am statements of Jesus shed light on the truth of the claims of Jesus. We can see the effect that the word of God sheds on important questions we face in our walk with Christ. Jesus is the Son of God.

Much love friends,


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