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Peace in the Pouring Rain...

I don't know about you all, but I have often found myself caught-up in wonder at just how incredible our God truly is. He didn't have to save us, but He chose to. He didn't have to call us His own, but He chose to. He could have left us buried in our sin and left on the wayside, but instead He chose to pick us up and call us His children, His special possession, His holy people, His chosen people, His sons and daughters.

What an incredible God! There is literally nothing that we could ever do that would make us worthy of such love and indescribable grace and mercy. What a God, friends!. He is always faithful, always patient, always kind, and always good.

I remember when I was a child sitting on the front porch of my grandmas house, it was on one of our yearly trips across the country to visit family and I was so excited to be sitting there with my grandma as it poured the rain. The rain was thunderously loud and the wind had picked up, yet there we sat under a tin-roof listening to the down-pour around us. The weather was chaotic and loud, you could hardly hear each other talking and yet there was so much peace in those still moments.

I remember my grandma saying, "there's something so peaceful about sitting out in the rain, its like being refreshed by the Lord". It really is!

Just like the rain nourishes the soil, trees, plants, and animals, the Holy Spirit nourishes our spirit. It fills us up and transforms our hearts and minds. I love what Isaiah 55 sayings, let's read part of it together.

" “My thoughts are not like your thoughts. And your ways are not like my ways,” announces the Lord. “The heavens are higher than the earth. And my ways are higher than your ways. My thoughts are higher than your thoughts. The rain and the snow come down from the sky. They do not return to it without watering the earth. They make plants come up and grow. The plants produce seeds for farmers. They also produce food for people to eat. The words I speak are like that. They will not return to me without producing results. They will accomplish what I want them to. They will do exactly what I sent them to do." - Isaiah 55: 8-11

What a great reminder that God's thoughts are not like ours. His ways are above ours and He will never leave us. The promises of God will never return void! He is good and He is kind. This passage often reminds me of my conversation with my grandma that day and the peace I felt sitting under that tin roof with her.

I want to challenge you to take some time this week to sit in the stillness and peace of our God. Let Him be the rest you need.

Much love friends,


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